If you’ve never tried it…

Morris dancing offers a highly satisfying combination of physical activity and working as a team to put on a performance.  If you’re new to it, Wimbledon-based Greensleeves Morris Men offer a welcoming and encouraging environment in which you can acquire totally new skills – and keep fit. You will also become part of a sociable, family-friendly club with a long heritage and high standards.

If you’ve done it before…

Wimbledon’s Greensleeves Morris Men are well respected for our standards, long heritage and hospitality.  If you’ve danced or played for the Morris before, we’ll help you develop further. We practise in a friendly and positive environment, and perform to appreciative audiences in a programme of shows in south and west London and further afield.

If you play an instrument…

One of the delights of Morris is its music, and we welcome instrumentalists. Traditionally, Morris is danced to melodeons, concertinas, fiddles, accordions and the pipe and tabor, but there’s scope for others.  Discover your abilities to inspire dancers and respond to them.  And you’ll find opportunities to join in informal music sessions with our experienced musicians.

Like to try it? We practise from 8:00 pm to 10:00 pm on Friday evenings between September and May at:

South Wimbledon Community Centre

78 Victory Road


SW19 1HN


  An ideal time to start will be at the practice on Friday 7 September but you will be welcome at any practice. Alternatively why not come and see us at the nearby Sultan Beer Festival on Friday 21 September.

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